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I believe being your wedding photographer is an extremely personal experience, you want someone with you all day you're going to vibe with and get on with, get excited when they arrive and most importantly, feel comfortable snogging in front of (#realtalk) Therefore the the best information I can give you at this important first step is simply about how I like to work at a wedding... 
In general I'm a lone wolf, I like to sink into my own mind a bit when photographing a wedding and I work pretty quietly. If you're having a particularly large wedding however (200+) you may want to think about having a second shooter there, I have many hard-working mega-babes I can call on to fulfil this requirement, so don't be afraid to ask me about this if it something you've been considering.
It's safe to say I'm a rather (very) pale gal, that combined with a blacker than black wardrobe has lead to me being referred to by couples and guests alike (affectionately, I might add) as everything from 'ghost lady' to 'photography ninja'. As mildly terrifying as this may sound, what they sweetly mean on a practical level is throughout your day I am extremely unobtrusive. I don't like to pose people very much if I can help it, boss you or your guests about or interfere at all with the running of your day. If during the reception you forget I am there entirely? No offence taken, to me that means I'm doing a good job. To me personally, I think there can be nothing worse than a loud brash photographer that feels like they're taking over your day. I'm not here to re-organise your wedding to suit my needs, I'm here to support you and capture all the hard work you put into organising it exactly how you wanted.
Posing is a tricky one, there's become a trend recently for completely unposed wedding photography which is of course fabulous and spontaneous -and for the most part that's exactly what I'll be doing- but when it comes to your couple shoot if I see a perfect pocket of light or a stunning backdrop, I'm not about to miss out on a beautiful photograph for fear of posing you. I will absolutely ask you to step in front of it, angle you into the dreamiest possible picture, then once you're in the spotlight - you do you. 

Hopefully that's given you an idea of what to expect from me, wherever possible I love to meet up with potential couples during your deciding process as it's nice to sit and chat informally over a drink and get to know each other better. If you're far away we can always Skype or if you think you've heard enough and prefer to chat via the digital world, that's cool with me too. Worried about travel? Don't be! There is no such thing as too far, I am handily based in the Rutland therefore the whole country is reasonably accessible, I've shot weddings from Newquay to Newcastle, all across the Midlands and all the way to Mykonos! No matter what your plans may be, we can always make it work. 




*Package pricing is flexible and stuffed full of goodies! To receive your detailed literature, please visit the contact page and tell me a little bit about yourself and your plans for the big day! 

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To me the greatest part of being a 'documentary style portrait photographer' (my fancy official title) and therefore not working from a studio, is that I come to you. I am invited into your world, your home, your favourite spaces and places that you visit time and again. It allows me to be more connected to why you chose to have these photographs taken, whether it's to remember forever that time when you were young and newly in love, to document a big change, welcoming a new life into your home or simply to finally get some memories up on your walls, having an insight to who you are as a person by being welcomed into your surroundings will transform the depth of your images. 
Everyone is beautiful, and as photographers we can always find a way to portray that in front of a blank canvas, but to show that beauty somewhere close to your heart and a part of your life? To me, that takes photographing you to a whole new level.   



SOULS (Newborn/Family/Love) START FROM £250





When friends or clients ask me what it is about Femme shoots I love so much, I always tell them exactly the same thing. It's the moment about a third of the way through the session when you've chilled out a bit and realised actually this doesn't feel as weird as you thought it would... That starts to show on camera, so the minute I get a particularly awesome shot I'll turn the camera around and show you: no adjustments, no filters, NO PHOTOSHOP - This is what you look like. The look on every single woman's face when her confidence instantly rockets? I get such a buzz, what a feeling of massive accomplishment handing someone that soaring body positivity, it gives me literal face-ache joy. I am emphatically all about women celebrating their individuality - you are uniquely, wonderfully, gorgeously you. To compare ourselves to the women we see around us, on instagram, in magazines, wherever, it's crazy. You don't have her bones! Her organs! Her skin! Why are we wasting all this time focusing on trying to look like a completely different human?! Really when you actually think about it logically, it's basically mental. You're perfect because you look like you and only you, that's amazing! So girl lets celebrate it.

I can come to your home if that's where you feel more confident, or we can go all out and organise a fabulous hotel room! I love to explore all different venues, so if you want to brave it outside or slum it with whiskey and leather vibes in a run down B&B, I'm open to it all. When it comes to Femme shoots there's not much more detail to go into! Simply put, it's all about two main subjects - natural light, and you

Worthwhile noting - If you've come to this page after seeing photos of all these gorgeous girls with buckets of confidence and you're thinking, "I really want to go for this, but I don't look as good as them in my pants!"


You do. 



Femme shoots are £250