Throughout all stages of life there are moments to be remembered, savoured, stopped in time.

A new love, the hazy, heady beginnings of something exciting turning into a realm of possibilities. Birth, in all it's drama, it is a realistic, raw, smack in the face beauty like no other. Newborns, a home encapsulating new life is an extraordinary one to enter, full of noise, chaos and heightened senses... yet overwhelming stillness, silent hours of checking, gazing, checking again, beaming, all consuming love. Family, the only certainty is it will be forever changing and evolving, growing stronger over time with a steadfast comfort, yet moving faster than you could have imagined. Press pause now again, you are never, ever too busy. In portraiture there are no rules to follow, infinite possibilities of love... The pact of friendship is the family we grow for our ourselves, couples remained unshaken for decades, four legged soul mates, simply you... You are your own story.

All are welcome. 



Marriage, a covenant between two souls that should be celebrated in a way that reflects simply the both of you, as a unit, a new family, a team. If that reflection is the two of you alone up on the moors, a small huddle of your favourites in the woods, or in the depths of the city surrounded by everyone you love, all that matters is it will be uniquely and perfectly you. Photographing Vows and the celebrations that follow is a very humbling experience and one I've committed to slowing down and savouring. For the past six years I have been photographing Wedding ceremonies and the one constant throughout is the urge to hurry, rush, capture every second. It's so important to capture those sacred moments, but it's also more important to stand back, observe, soak it in and then shoot from a place of feeling, not a place of obligation. I will be by your side as much as in the shadows, capturing raw emotion and fleeting moments, as part of a quieter, stiller focus. 
Unposed, authentic images shot both digitally and on instant film will come together to represent the heart and soul of your day. Little looks, touches, vibes, this is where your most treasured photographs will grow from. Details are important, but chills are forever.



A woman in the moment of realisation that she is worth everything, the moment she is empowered without question, to love and take ownership of her body exactly as it is, as it's meant to be, is the most beautiful woman you will ever see. I am emphatically all about women celebrating their individuality - you are uniquely, wonderfully, gorgeously your own human.

I meet all different kinds of women who get their photo taken for all different kinds of reasons. Maybe you've come through a struggle and want to celebrate a new confidence, maybe you love your partner in crime so much you want to show them with a box full of beautiful photographs. Maybe you just want to look back when you're 80 and remember this amazing time in your life... Maybe you're 80 now! I'm into it let's go! - There is no judgement here, only a camera and maybe a glass of wine beforehand. Wether you choose to get these photos taken and you're the only person who ever sees them, or you put them up on a rolling billboard for the world to see, I can promise you one thing, you won't regret it. 

Be proud of your body, it is flawless and so are you.